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2018 Personal Finance Budget Template and Spreadsheet

Happy New Year! Travel Bandwagon provides financial resources and travel advice. For the new year we created a fully functional 2018 Personal Finance Budget Template and Spreadsheet for your use.

Many people consider the new year a time to fulfill resolutions such as dieting, quitting smoking, eliminating soda, or being a better saver. We are Travel Bandwagon hope to help you turn the new year into an opportunity to click the reset button on your finances. Creating a resolution is easy, but sticking to it for 12 months is the hard part, especially for financial goals. Travel Bandwagon hopes to ease the burden and created a fully functional 2018 Personal Finance Budget Template and Spreadsheet for your use.

Benefits of the 2018 Personal Finance Budget Template and Spreadsheet

  • This is a free financial spreadsheet for your use!
  • One stop shop for all of your personal financial information.
  • Ability to create a budget based on your own income and expenses.
  • Easily view your income and expenses to observe for variance from month to month.
  • Provides personal ownership and accountability.
  • Become more organized with your finances and in general.
  • Increased awareness of your expenses. Hopefully, this will lead to regulated spending.
  • You control your finances through your own financial dashboard.

The Travel Bandwagon 2018 Personal Finance Template and Spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

2018 Personal Finance Spreadsheet

How to Use

This resource is divided into three different sheets: a balance sheet, 2018 Cashflow Dashboard, and Expenses & Income. Each sheet is a separate unit that helps provide a complete picture of your financial situation. We will explain what each sheet is and how to use it.

2018 Cashflow (Dashboard)

The 2018 Cashflow (Dashboard) serves as your command center. It is here that you have the ability to create and modify your budget and view your cash flow (income and expenses) for each month.

To use: On your first use you should set your budget by inputting your projected monthly income and expenses. This will automatically calculate the yearly totals. Monthly information is automatically retrieved from the Expenses and Income page. Each month, you can view this page to view if you are on target. Keep taps on your overall financial health!

Expenses & Income

The Expenses & Income page is used to log all incoming cash and all external payments. This information is automatically reflected in your 2018 Cashflow dashboard for you to analyze your reports. It is important to stay on point with this, as ultimately it will lead to greater accountability and hopefully the increased awareness will help regulate your spending.

To use: Twice a month you should log your credit card statements and receipts to complete the Expenses & Income report. Log any income or expenses into their respective category. This is a manual process that helps generate information throughout the rest of the sheet.

Balance Sheet

The balance sheet serves as a snapshot in time and depicts your assets and liabilities at each period. This helps show your overall financial situation and communicates your net wealth.

To use: Ideally, on the first of the month, you will update your spreadsheet with the value of each asset or liability. The sheet will calculate the rest and depict your totals.

The Travel Bandwagon 2018 Personal Finance Template and Spreadsheet can be downloaded here.

We hope that you enjoy using the 2018 Personal Finance Template and Spreadsheet. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave us a note in the comments section. If you enjoy our spreadsheet please share it with your friends and family!

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