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Chase Price Protection – Attestation Form and Other Changes

Today we are going to provide you with first hand experience on the changes to Chase’s Price Protection Program, the newly implemented security measures including the dreaded attestation form.

Last year Chase took the market by storm when they released the Chase Sapphire Reserve premium credit card with a 100,000 point bonus and numerous perks. Of note, Chase’s CSR concierge and customer service do an excellent job of making you feel special and providing an efficient experience. All of Chase’s benefits provided a high tier level of service until recently, including perhaps their most valuable offer, Price Protection. Jonny recently wrote about some of the benefits of travel cards, including CSR, in his Playing The Game series.

In a nutshell, Chase Price Protection allowed cardholders to claim a reimbursement on almost any product that dropped in price within 90 days of purchase, up to $500 per claim, and up to $2500 per year. What set Chase’s program apart from the rest was that any cardholder could seamlessly log on to the administration website,, and submit the forms with little to no human interaction. The process was quick and painless, and claims were completed quickly.

Now Chase’s Price Protection requires consumers to fill out an Attestation form with a wet signature and upload along with the other documents. The message from eclaimsline states that this is “to reduce potential fraud with the price protection benefit and to make claimants more aware of the Terms and Conditions of the Program”.

price protection
This alert message is shown prior to submitting a claim. In the background is the Security Authentication form.

We at Travel Bandwagon agree that false claims and fraud increases the cost of providing a valuable benefit. It’s wrong, and ultimately ends the benefit for everyone. Similarly, using bots to automate the system has the same effect on the benefit. That said, the new process adds a significant number of hurdles to file claims and ultimately may deter honest cardholders from filing claims if not only because of the hassle to do so.

Old Chase Price Protection Process Timeline

  • Day 0 – Submit all claims via Receive notification of receipt of claim
  • Day 5-7 – Receive email from eclaimsline with their initial decision
    • *If additional files need review, add another 5 days to the process
  • Day 10-13 – Check arrives in mail

New Chase Price Protection Timeline

  • Day 0 – Submit all claims via Receive notification of receipt of claim
  • Day 2-3 – Receive email notification that attestation form is required. Form to be sent via snail mail
    • It is possible that the attestation form may not be required for all claims. At first glance, however, it appears most claims will require this step.
  • Day 7-9 – Receive and upload attestation form
  • Day 12-14 – Receive email from eclaimsline with initial decision.
    • *Add 5 days for any instance of new files needing reviewed
  • Day 17-19 – Check arrives in mail

Other Changes to the User Experience

In addition to requiring a signed attestation form, the new process incorporates many negative changes to the user experience:

  • At the time of submission of a claim, user must verify they are human by submitting a code submitted to their cell phone. (There is an option to call eclaimsline to work around this if one does not have a cell phone).
  • The same verification system is required each time a user logs into the website to check the status of a claim. If a user accidentally backs out the user must use a verification method again. There are no cookies that allow a user to skip the verification process.
  • The attestation form must be filled out via wet signature. E-signature is not permitted. 
  • A credit card statement is now required.
  • These changes are also applicable to Chase Freedom cards.

What are your thoughts on the new Chase Price Protection Process? Share your experiences on the new process in the comments section below!

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