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Japan Travel Spotlight: Umi Jigoku (海地獄 / Sea Hell)

Beppu Jigoku Tour: Umi Jigoku
Beppu Jigoku Tour: Umi Jigoku

This is a a spotlight series featuring the individual Beppu Jigoku Onsen Hells. This installment is entitled: Japan Travel Spotlight: Umi Jigoku (海地獄 / Sea Hell) Travel Bandwagon recently recommended Beppu as a hot spot for a peaceful vacation. While there are plenty of onsen resorts in Beppu, travelers cannot bathe in the Jigoku onsen. These are strictly for viewing. Each one has a special feature that makes them special.

Umi Jigoku (海地獄 / Sea Hell) – The Umi Jigoku is one of the seven Jigoku located in Beppu, Japan. It is distinguished by it’s magnificent sky blue color and is one of the most popular Jigoku. As such, it is usually very packed with onlookers.

10-30 minutes


400 yen for one jigoku or 2000 yen for all seven Jigoku

This is the recommended starting place for the Jigoku onsen tour. We recommend taking a short taxi ride from Beppu Station to the Umi Jigoku. Taxi drivers should be very familiar with the area.,131.4666185,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3546a7bc889f8fab:0xc7089fd23db438f!8m2!3d33.3168073!4d131.4688018

Umi Jigoku itself is featured by a large pool of vibrant blue water and which regularly emits a cloud of steam. The area itself contains a relatively large giftshop, restrooms, foot baths, and a food area. There is also a parking lot for those who prefer to drive, however this is ill advised.

The Umi Jigoku is arguably the largest of the Jigoku, but it tends to be crowded. However, the water is so bright and pool so large that it is hard to miss. The Umi Jigoku is a great way to kick off and get excited for the Jigoku pilgrimage. There isn’t quite anything like it. The staff are very friendly and many are able to speak English as well. If you want to relax, you can put your feet in the free foot bath, and just take in the relaxing mood of the hell. If you have to just see one jigoku, then this is the one, however we recommend that you at least walk across the facility to the Oniishibozu Jigoku for a view of a shaved monk’s head.

Beppu Jigoku Tour: Umi Jigoku
Beppu Jigoku Tour: Umi Jigoku

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A perfect start to the Jigoku adventure. This is the most visually appealing of the jigoku and is the most easily accessible of the bunch.