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Review: Lunch at Ellsworth

Crispy, succulent fried chicken!
Crispy, succulent fried chicken!

Walking around the Louvre sure does make you hungry – luckily, there’s Ellsworth!

After all, there are thousands of pieces of art in this museum. You could easily spend 30 minutes in a small gallery getting to know all of the details and intricacies of various works of art! But, why eat at the Louvre when you can have lunch at Ellsworth? I figure if you walked all throughout the Louvre, you might as well walk a little more to have much better food than whatever the Louvre’s café has to offer…

The Ellsworth
The Ellsworth

The Menu

Their menu may be small, but I feel the best foods come from smaller menus. The cuisine at Ellsworth is so focused, that the quality of each dish is excellent, from the flavor to the presentation.

The Ellsworth Menu
The Ellsworth Menu

The Appetizer

I started with the Cockles. It’s not just some bowl of cockles with some white wine broth at the bottom of the dish. I was amazed about the depth of flavor that this starter has. The look and taste of it literally reminded me of the sea! I’ve never had an experience where my imagination transported me to a place befitting of my meal before until this. The fleshy meat from some of the cockles did have a few gritty bits in there, which could be forgiven. It was not only delicious, but it was fun to eat as well!

Cockles Appetizer!
Cockles Appetizer!

The Main

Okay, sure, Fried Chicken is not exactly ‘traditional French’ food, but you’ll likely be forgiven for trying it at Ellsworth. I have not had a piece of boneless fried chicken so moist like this before! It was surprising – I always thought the sages of Fried Chicken resided in the United States (songs have been written about this legendary cuisine), but this dish can hold its own! I’m very happy that the dish came with pickles, which were not only savory, but sweet as well. What I thought was cornbread turned out to be a flaky interpretation of such, and was a welcome addition to the plate.

Crispy, succulent fried chicken!
Crispy, succulent fried chicken!

The Dessert

For dessert, I had the ice cream, which the waitress dressed with foam at the table! Toasted toffee-like bits were found underneath the foam. This dish was very satisfying in terms of flavor and texture.

A sweet, textured finish :)
A sweet, textured finish 🙂

The Verdict

It is a small restaurant, as I’ve found most of them are in Europe, so do yourself a favor and reserve in advance through their website. My wife and I showed up 20 minutes early, but we were not able to be sat immediately at a table because the place was still full even into 2:00pm. Lots of French patrons filled the space, so even the locals find this place delicious. If you plan on going to the Louvre, consider going to Ellsworth for lunch. Just get to the Louvre as early as possible. I’m sure after 4-5 hours of walking around and appreciating art and its history, you’ll work up a good appetite for some good food!

  • Ellsworth - Lunch



  • High Quality food
  • Reasonable Price
  • Excellent Service


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