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Jonathan "Jonny" Avila is a chubby young professional with a cat, wife, and a taste for life! Believes in 'paying it forward' by sharing the tools, tips, tricks, and lessons from his own experiences so you too can jump on the Travel Bandwagon and enjoy what this wonderful world has to offer!

Food Paris Reviews

Review: Lunch at Ellsworth

Walking around the Louvre sure does make you hungry – luckily, there’s Ellsworth! After all, there are thousands of pieces of art in this museum...

London Strategies Travel

Take The Train!

I’m a kid at heart, I really enjoy taking the train and looking out the window. Sure, you can fly to most places nowadays. But, taking a train during your...

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Traveling With A Pet

Pets and Travel may not necessarily mix well together. How you choose to deal with your pets during travel can bring their own separate issues. My wife and I...